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  • Double Creature Triggers - Yarok the Desecrated - Commander Deck - Crusty Games
  • Double Creature Triggers - Yarok the Desecrated - Commander Deck - Crusty Games
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Double Creature Triggers - Yarok the Desecrated - Commander Deck

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Ready to play Commander deck

This deck has been thoroughly developed and play tested. It's ready for you play right out of the box or upgrade to make it even more powerful. 

Language: English
Format: Commander ( EDH)
Number of Cards: 100
Power Level: 5.5

How the Deck Works:
Yarok’s ability doubles any Enters the Battlefield (ETB) effects and multiplies creatures' ETB triggers. For example, when you cast Revenous Chupacabra - Yarok will double his ability allowing you to destroy 2 creatures instead of 1. This is the creature based version of the deck. Check below for the landfall version.  

Yarok, the Desecrated

Yarok, the Desecrated reads:

Deathtouch, lifelink

If a permanent entering the battlefield causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time.

Sample Card List


Aether Adept
Aggressive Mammoth
Augury Owl
Barrier of Bones
Cadaver Imp
Cloudkin Seer
Coiling Oracle
Dungeon Geists
Dusk Legion Zealot
Elvish Visionary
Golgari Findbroker
Liliana's Specter
Meteor Golem
Ondu Giant
Phyrexian Gargantua
Pondering Mage
Rampaging Baloths
Ravenous Chupacabra
Reclamation Sage
Riverwise Augur
Sea Gate Oracle
Sphinx of Uthuun
Springbloom Druid
Sylvan Ranger
Whisper Agent
...And More!


Villainous Wealth
...And More!


Disinformation Campaign
...And More!


Dimir Guildgate
Golgari Rot Farm
Jwar Isle Refuge
Opulent Palace
Terramorphic Expanse
Woodland Stream
...And More!


Mana Geode

Card Conditions

Most cards are Near Mint (NM) but some may be Lightly Played (LP) or Moderately Played (MP). Please see the pictures for more detail. Fast, free shipping. Note: This is a custom commander deck, not a pre-constructed product. All cards are official Wizards of the Coast cards. We DO NOT sell proxies.


Minor card changes may occur if items are out of stock. The complete list is ever changing as new cards are released or improvements are found. We thoroughly play test and improve our decks once every 2-4 weeks. No list is guaranteed. Pictures are representative of a sample deck only.