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Vampires are on the rise

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Innistrad Crimson Vow

With the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Innistrad Crimson Vow, having just been released on November 19th 2021, there are a lot of questions surrounding the new vampire-themed cards, as well as the vampires of past sets. Fans are wondering what Innistrad: Crimson Vow means for existing vampire cards and more importantly, their prices. 

We have seen vampire prices for Commander staples like Edgar Markov and Elenda, the Dusk Rose rise drastically over the years. 

Edgar Markov - Vampire

At his release, Edgar was around $5 (Edgar was released in 2017 in the Commander Pre-constructed decks of that year). Today, Edgar is hovering around $110, and will most likely rise as Crimson Vow gets more play. Elenda started at $5 when she came out with the release of Ixalan, she has steadily risen to around $25 and interestingly, has not experienced a price increase with the release of Crimson Vow.

Edgar is without a doubt, the one of the best Vampire commanders and even though his price is high, it is understandable given the stats he brings to the table. Elenda is no slouch when it comes to piloting an Orzhov (Black/White) Vampire commander deck. Her abilities are especially popular in Aristocrats decks (This strategy takes advantage of abilities that trigger when a creature dies often using cheap tokens and sacrifice outlets to enable them to great benefit). Her lack of a price boost with the latest set is a mystery.

Indulgent Aristocrat Falkenrath Aristocrat

In addition to Commanders, there are also Vampire tribal staples that have been spiking. Cards like Cordial Vampire have recently seen a lift in price, going from $2 to $5 since Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose has had various price points up and down, with his highest being $9. Vito’s current price is $4. Perhaps the lifegain theme is not as strong with cards in the current set as in past sets.

Vito Thorn of the Dusk Rose

Another popular Vampire Lord (creature that provides a boost to others of the same type) is Captivating Vampire, a solid staple in any vampire tribal deck. Right now, it is sitting at around $15, but due to the rarity and strength of this card, the price will most likely spike even higher. The card was only printed in three sets, with no reprints in the current set.

Captivating Vampire

This article is not an exhaustive list, but for the most part Vampires everywhere are hot and prices are still rising. Now is the time to buy those vampire staples you have been thinking about before they rise even higher. You can also check out our Play-tested, Vampire Commander Decks here.

Thanks for reading my article. If you have a question or a comment you would like to post, feel free to do so below. 

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