Sliver Upgrade Kit - Commander - EDH

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Sliver Upgrade Kit

A collection of 35 powerful new cards to take your Sliver deck to the next level. 


    Mana Rocks

    Mana rocks help stabilize your manabase and allow you to cast your spells sooner. Beating your opponents to the punch is always beneficial.

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    Scry lands allow you to smooth your draws, this lets you fix a bad starting hand or in the later game lets you draw more of what you need and less of what you don't. 

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    Many of these creatures give all of your slivers new abilities. Some give flying, deathtouch, +1/+1 counters, hexproof, double strike, vigilance, haste, mana generation, sacrifice abilities, etc.. There are too many synergies to get down in one paragraph.

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    Most cards are Near Mint (NM) but some may be Lightly Played (LP) or Moderately Played (MP). Please see the pictures for more detail. Fast, free shipping. Note: This is a custom commander deck, not a pre-constructed product. All cards are official Wizards of the Coast cards. We DO NOT sell proxies.

    Minor card changes may occur if items are out of stock. The complete list is ever changing as new cards are released or improvements are found. We thoroughly play test and improve our decks once every 2-4 weeks. No list is guaranteed. Pictures are representative of a sample deck only.