Dragon Upgrade Kit - Commander - EDH

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Available 4/30/21

Dragon Upgrade Kit

A collection of 35 powerful new cards to take your Dragon deck to the next level. 


    Mana Rocks

    Mana rocks help stabilize your manabase and allow you to cast your spells sooner. Beating your opponents to the punch is always beneficial.


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    Sorceries & Instants

    Slow down the enemy by wiping your opponents board. Tutor the perfect threat for any scenario.


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    Powerful artifacts to let you cheat expensive spells out for less and tutor bigger threats.


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    Anthems to pump the whole team and punish your opponents when every threat comes out.


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    Scry lands allow you to smooth your draws, this lets you fix a bad starting hand or in the later game lets you draw more of what you need and less of what you don't. Tribal lands provide synergies or benefits for Dragons.


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    Many of these creatures give all of your Dragons new abilities. Some give flying, deathtouch, +1/+1 counters, hexproof, double strike, vigilance, haste, mana generation, sacrifice abilities, etc.. There are too many synergies to get down in one paragraph.

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