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Goblins - Krenko Mob Boss - Commander Deck

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Ready to play Commander deck

This deck has been thoroughly developed and play tested. It's ready for you play right out of the box or upgrade to make it even more powerful. 

Language: English
Commander ( EDH)
Number of Cards: 
Power Level: 

How the Deck Works:

Use Krenko to create an unbeatable Goblin Army. His ability exponentially creates more and more Goblins than your opponents can deal with. 


Krenko, Mob Boss

Commander Text:

T: Create X 1/1 red Goblin creature tokens, where X is the number of Goblins you control.

Sample Card List


Arms Dealer
Battle Squadron
Boggart Brute
Clamor Shaman
Daggersail Aeronaut
Dark-Dweller Oracle
Ember Hauler
Foundry Street Denizen
Frenzied Goblin
Gempalm Incinerator
Goblin Champion
Goblin Chieftain
Goblin Cratermaker
Goblin Diplomats
Goblin Glory Chaser
Goblin Goon
Goblin Instigator
Goblin Matron
Goblin Motivator
Goblin Razerunners
Goblin Ringleader
Goblin Trashmaster
Goblin Tunneler
Goblin Warchief
Goblin Wardriver
...And more


Bitter Feud
Cavalcade of Calamity
Five-Alarm Fire
Goblin Assault
Goblin Oriflamme
...And more


Brute Strength
Cleaver Riot
Dragon Fodder
Empty the Warrens
Goblin Barrage
Goblin Grenade
Goblin Rally
Hordeling Outburst
Krenko's Command
Lightning Strike
Massive Raid
Mizzium Mortars
...And More!


Brittle Effigy
Goblin Charbelcher
Hazoret's Monument
Mind Stone


Blighted Gorge
Forgotten Cave

Card Conditions

Most cards are Near Mint (NM) but some may be Lightly Played (LP) or Moderately Played (MP). Please see the pictures for more detail. Fast, free shipping. Note: This is a custom commander deck, not a pre-constructed product. All cards are official Wizards of the Coast cards. We DO NOT sell proxies.


Minor card changes may occur if items are out of stock. The complete list is ever changing as new cards are released or improvements are found. We thoroughly play test and improve our decks once every 2-4 weeks. No list is guaranteed. Pictures are representative of a sample deck only.