Throne of Eldraine 36 Booster - Box Repack - ELD

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Booster Box REPACK. Get a booster box for up to 75% off retail price! Great for drafting on a budget or collection building.

What is a Booster Box Repack?:

These are OPENED and RESEALED packs. Cards are brand new, never played. Original booster box may not be included, a collectible hard box will be sent instead. Packs are carefully cut open along the top, rare/mythic cards that are needed to fulfill orders are removed and replaced with another card of the same rarity from the set. The packs are then resealed with a small piece of tape (see the photos for more details).
You will Receive:
  • 36 Booster Packs - Carefully Resealed
  • 1 Hard Box
  • 2 Mythic Rare cards
  • 34 Rare cards
  • 108 Uncommons
  • 360 Commons
  • 36 Lands
  • Each booster will contain 15 cards, 1 Rare or Mythic, 3 Uncommon, 1 Land, and 10 Commons
  • Cards are brand new, never played
  • Cares are carefully packed in the same order as sealed packs
  • Fast Shipping
  • Ships immediately, product is already packed and in stock
Why buy a repack?
  • Budget booster draft - Love to draft, but hate paying full price? Most often the best rares for draft are not high value cards. Have an amazing time drafting without spending a fortune.
  • Collection building - These packs will contain many standard staples
  • Commander cards for building your deck.
  • Collect key cards for Modern or other formats